Christmas Event, community garden, building project

CHRISTMAS EVENT The annual Christmas event, held in December every year, is an epic day, hosting one to three thousand kids, many, ir most of whome are orphaned, with no where to go. Every year the funds are raised by a fundraiser of some sort, and people like you donating what you can. The funds

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Aside from the education program, the other PARAMOUNT project we have is the basic home needs program. These two programs take up the BULK of our revenue, and the basic home needs may be, by far, the most important and critical one. We go door to door, and meet with the families we serve. They welcome

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EDUCATION ROHU’s education program is where most of our revenue goes (pre covid-19 shutdown). These fees cover uniforms, school supplies, three meals a day, and medical care. ROHU works with the families of 95 children between Musima and Lwanika collectively, but due to the coronavirus shutdown situation, families who have already paid their school fees, now

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We finally finished the Uganda page. Being unsatisfied, we are going to turn each area of work into its own page, on a dropdown menu under Uganda. The page as it is now, is really long and exhausting, and we want the reader to have the option to choose to read what they want to

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The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God

Greetings. This article is about the hidden things contained in the Bible. There are many “elements” that are “hidden” in the “darkness,” that can be unearthed, if we have “ears to hear.” Regardless of what our spiritual writings are (the Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, Upanishads, or the Bhagavad Gita), we must learn to (as

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The Dioscuri Part 2

Introduction to Part 2 This is the second installment of our investigation of the Gemini constellation. In Part 1, we examined the formation’s astronomical, astrological, and etymological aspects. Astronomically, we discussed Gemini’s position in the sky, and the names and characteristics of it’s two main stars, Castor and Pollux. Astrologically, we discussed its months, the

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The Dioscuri Part 1

The stars and the constellations have always more or less fascinated us. Because of the revolutionaries’ recent stunt of attempting to destroy the zodiac, due to “racial connotations,” and our thwarting them by intercepting their channels on one of their secret frequencies (this is thanks to the genius of one of our amazing, newer operatives),

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We Have Seen All Things

We’ve soared the heavens, scoured the hells, and have roamed the depths of the underworld. We have seen and have come to know, intimately, the far reaches of light and darkness; we are consumed, over and over again, much like the judgment of Zeus against Prometheus. The fires of heaven and the fires of hell

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