Christmas Event, community garden, building project


The annual Christmas event, held in December every year, is an epic day, hosting one to three thousand kids, many, ir most of whome are orphaned, with no where to go. Every year the funds are raised by a fundraiser of some sort, and people like you donating what you can. The funds go towards payment to host the event, food (also people to cook the food), entertainment/music/live music and sound system, a bounce house, and beverages.The event involves fellowship, a meal, music, dancing, sports/competition, comedy, and teaching on the gospel, and the things of Jesus Christ. This is a great day of joy for these little ones, as they get to actually be kids and have fun with full bellies.

Community Garden

ROHU is in posession of a plot of land that yields pineapple, maize, tomato, and sugarcane. This community garden, when the lands can be maintained and cultivated, can provide for many families in the community who otherwize cannot afford. The problem for us is being able to afford to hire to work the land.


Lastly, ROHU has a small four unit apartment building, and the plot of land it was built on. Our desire is to make this building livable (which includes a wall and gate, plumbing, and electricity), and for the income from tenants to provide for the building of one to two more of these structures. Money that comes from these buildings can pay for an orphanage and a new office.

As you learn about the various projects and programs we are engaged in, you will see the undertaking. They are good works, but the problem, like with everything else, is money. We have high ambitions, and if the proper funding came through, many many widows and orphans and struggling families can recieve what they need to live comfortably. Please consider donating to Resurrection of Hope Uganda, either one time, or on a recurring monthly cycle. It can be as little as $10 a month; a little goes a LONG way there. You can visit and click the donate button, or you can click the yellow donate button below.

Resurrection of Hope Uganda, EIN 84-2057998, is a charitable organization, tax exempt under IRC section 501C3. All contributions made to this organization are used for the express purpose of fulfilling the work as stated in our articles of incorporation, constitution, government application forms, this website, and All donors recieve no goods or services for their contributions. Said contributions are considered charitable contributions, donations, or charitable donations, and are tax deductible. If any questions arise regarding the deductibility of a payment, please consult a tax professional. Thank you so much for reading, and God bless!

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