To All The Beloved,

We hope this letter finds you well. Just like this website, the author is still under construction. The builders are stretched to their limits and they are over time, over budget, underfed, demoralized, and because of the pandemic, there are no parts.

As you all know, the economic strain that resulted from this godforsaken virus has caused a handful of nations to embargo Vietnam, mainly by the seizure of vessels departing Ho Chi Minh City. Fuseblocks, mini circuit breakers, various relays, timers, distribution and terminal blocks, and other nickel and dime parts, have become hot commodity items one needs a keen knowledge of the workings of the dark web to acquire. Unfortunately, some of our numbers have never been seen again (we suspect their fate as being the same as the overseas Filipino workers). Also in the east, not as far east, the India/Hindustan revolution in northern India has jammed a wrench in the logistics of the servo and VFD drive, and PLC industry. Many factories and distribution hubs all over the north have been captured by rogue groups of armed Maoist sympathizers, and other pro-Biden revolutionaries.

The other problem the builders face is a lack of paper. Because of the tactical nature of the insurgence by the Pro-Biden Revolutionary Front Liberation Party, all logging activities have virtually ceased, forcing the builders to utilize mechanical drawing and electrical schematics, hand-drawn, on pieces of aluminum foil and plastic stretch wrap. Soon enough, the builders will not be safe from the EMFs, and the Clintons will, once again, have the ability to read and control their minds.

The ones behind the scenes are enduring great heartache at the moment and everyone has shown exorbitant patience thus far. We thank each and every one of you, and we ask for continued fortitude, still, as we work and fight for all. We will CRUSH these militant bastards and build walls around their barricaded strongholds. Their time of sexually abusing our trees and paper mills, and occupying our dock workers is coming to an end, and we ask for a modicum of more time and support. Thank you so very much and WE ARE THE ONES WHO KNOW ALL THINGS!!!

In Service to You,


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