This site, as we slowly put it together, will be a barrier to protect us from our common enemy. These pages and writings are created BY bipolar, FOR bipolar. The whole goal of this site is to have an eclectic array of subject matter ranging from basic “bloggy” type of things, to journalistic articles about current events, to full blown essays, depending on where the mania takes me from day to day, week to week. The objective is for the content to be in such a way that my manic-depressive brothers and sisters identify with it, and can either

  1. be entertained, to take the edge off of the mania, depression, or mixed states, and/or
  2. learn things about their own condition, and see angles of themselves that they were previously in the dark to.

This site is the product of a very severe manic episode. As I type, I’m almost two months sober, nearing one month out of treatment for alcohol, and VERY aware of the nature of my condition. Being diagnosed as Bipolar 1 when I was 14, I’ve always had an IDEA about this condition, but I never put much thought to it until 2017, after a “summer-long” manic episode. After two failed attempts of addressing the mental health issues and addressing the drinking (yes, in that order, which is the WRONG order), i ended up in treatment. There, I learned some really deep things about mania and how deceptive it is. Since being back from treatment and being sober, the symptoms have had free reign to express themselves, and, seeing this in real time, I see how the alcohol medicates; I plan to create a post soon, to elaborate on this.

Back to this site. One of the things I’ve learned, is the fact that many, many of the artistic-type individuals in the world are bipolar. One thing I want to do when the traffic increases, is to create a way for people to post on here, their drawings, paintings, music, sculpture, poetry, dance, and whatever other medium one expresses themselves. I would also like to see people post their own blogs, articles, essays, and research on here.

Another thing in the scope of this site, is the spiritual aspect of this condition. There are some deep things that I have touched upon, in my first post from 18-Nov., that I hope to accentuate on in the near future. This understanding is key, I believe, for people that seek a higher power, whether in church, meditation center, temple, alone, or wherever. I believe this “disorder” is actually a blessing, a gift, and that we need to know how to harness and control this energy we have, so we can be in the position to help LOTS of people (I need to learn this also, and I hope that some really good comments appear so that others, and I, can learn). One disclaimer, the best things someone can do is to listen to their psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, and take their medications EXACTLY as prescribed.

Two more things contained in this site are AA/NA resources, and the Ugandan NGO I work with. The percentage of people with bipolar disorder that struggle with an addiction of some kind is staggeringly high. I think I read that the number is over 40%, though, I hope to be corrected by a reader that has done more research than I. AA has changed my life, in my own struggles with alcohol, and I owe it to the ones still suffering in their addictions to put links and information on here. For Uganda, there is an NGO called Resurrection of Hope Uganda (ROHU), for whom I’m treasurer. ROHU pays the school fees for families’/single moms’ children that cannot afford otherwise; the medical fees for villagers that are in need; they also provide basic home needs to single mothers, struggling families and widows. The areas they serve are the Jinja and Mayuge districts on Lake Victoria, and Mbale in the east. I had the privilege of seeing the situation in Uganda with my own eyes in 2019, and helping them with the good work that they do. I have plans to go back as soon as I have the money, and hope to bring others.

This being a new thing for me, I hope that this website can eventually turn into a hub of some kind, for the bipolar community. I hope it can bring some type of joy, or solace, to the ones that struggle with this “light and darkness” of the mind, and that we can learn things, help each other, and figure out how to manage this “condition,” this “gift” (I am aware that a lot of people will disagree with me regarding the “gift” thing, which is ok. I want feedback and thoughts from everyone). I hope, most of all, that the ones still struggling in their addictions can find the help they need (which reminds me, other than the AA/NA resources, I should put links up for NAMI, and good sites for medication research, and bipolar research. DSM-V, also). Thank you for reading thus far, and please feel free to comment and give feedback about ANYTHING, as I need all i can get. We are the ones who understand all things.