ROHU’s education program is where most of our revenue goes (pre covid-19 shutdown). These fees cover uniforms, school supplies, three meals a day, and medical care. ROHU works with the families of 95 children between Musima and Lwanika collectively, but due to the coronavirus shutdown situation, families who have already paid their school fees, now have to fend for themselves. School closures, along with immense price gouging in the public transit and markets, are causing many people are starving because of this.


The medical program is an essential part of the work (obviously). As stated above, the fees for appointment/clinic visits, surgery, other procedures, and emergency services, must be paid in full, or, however it is arranged with the doctor/medical staff and patient. The problem is that few people can afford to shell out thousands of dollars, and, for the ones in the villages, they have no way to pay to even GET to the hospital, if something happens. Situations occur, and we manage on a case by case basis. We pay hospital fees, transportation, and food, for the patients and families. In 2019, ROHU helped a number of people including a man with a flesh eating bacteria, an eight-year-old girl with an umbilical hernia, and a young man’s broken leg from a boda crash.

 Since the majority of the incoming money goes towards school fees, the medical program is usually funded by donors through fundraising campaigns. Due to the pandemic shutdown, transportation was among the things completely stopped (this was back in march). People lucky enough to live close to a hospital were forced to walk, only to be turned away, causing desperate things to happen, like women giving birth on the street,

 and people carrying their elderly parents on their backs.

As you learn about the various projects and programs we are engaged in, you will see the undertaking. They are good works, but the problem, like with everything else, is money. We have high ambitions, and if the proper funding came through, many many widows and orphans and struggling families can recieve what they need to live comfortably. Please consider donating to Resurrection of Hope Uganda, either one time, or on a recurring monthly cycle. It can be as little as $10 a month, as little goes a LONG way there. You can visit and click the donate button, or you can click the yellow donate button below.

Resurrection of Hope Uganda, EIN 84-2057998, is a charitable organization, tax exempt under IRC section 501C3. All contributions made to this organization are used for the express purpose of fulfilling the work as stated in our articles of incorporation, constitution, government application forms, this website, and All donors recieve no goods or services for their contributions. Said contributions are considered charitable contributions, donations, or charitable donations, and are tax deductible. If any questions arise regarding the deductibility of a payment, please consult a tax professional. Thank you so much for reading, and God bless!