We Have Seen All Things

We’ve soared the heavens, scoured the hells, and have roamed the depths of the underworld. We have seen and have come to know, intimately, the far reaches of light and darkness; we are consumed, over and over again, much like the judgment of Zeus against Prometheus.

The fires of heaven and the fires of hell are all consuming. We are baptized in them, over and over again, purified, much like the fires of the altar, or, the fires of the smelting furnace. When we are tossed into the furnace, we come out pure, leaving the dross or slag. When we are placed upon the altar, the blood is poured at the base; the head, fat, kidneys and entrails are burned as a soothing aroma while the rest is the priests’ portion.

We visit the depths of the underworld quite often. We go to sleep on a regular or semi regular basis. It will always be day, which will always be night, thus, returning to day again. We close our eyes, we open them. We go into the pursuit of secret knowledge, which is “hidden,” or “occult” in nature. We meditate, or, close our eyes, and go within, into the darkness. The “hidden things” are obscured by darkness, until the light exposes them, bringing our attention to them. When we are taken into the darkness of the abyss, the underworld (we are taken is typed because we ARE taken…….we are never alone), it is this time and position in the “cycle” that we are able to seek out these hidden things, granted, we have the Light.

We are the ones who understand all things, subjugated, to the fullest, and baptized over and over again by this vicious cycle. As the fires are all consuming, so the darkness is an open mouth, never satisfied. We are constantly devoured, baptized, by fire and darkness, only to be resurrected, then killed again. The cycle spews us out, much like the egg from a barren womb: And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. The land that we are becomes barren, unable to cultivate, unable to bear fruit. The season becomes famine and drought. We pray for rain, food, sustenance, and release from the bondage of our captors. We pray that Let there be light would be applied to the barren wombs that we are, so that we can bear children and produce fruit……..so that we may not come out empty handed again………..and cast them into the fire, and they are burned……..

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